Thursday, March 9, 2017

Family STEAM

Family STEAM Night 
*Science,*Technology, *Engineering, *ART, *Math

We loved Family Steam Night

Students and parents were excited to attempt a variety of STEAM challenges.

Some new challenges added this year included the Cage A Dinosaur Challenge and the Build with Packing Peanuts Adventure. 

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 The marble run was a big hit! 

 How many pennies can you pile in the boat without it sinking? 

Who built the tallest index card tower?

 The build-a-chair activity is a great STEAM challenge. Your chairs are very unique! 

 Here's our STEAM Team! 

 The volcano station was very popular! 

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  1. Hi - this looks great fun and very interactive. Do you have any details about how you ran your STEAM night and the activities? Thank-you and GREAT blog!!!