Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Clay Owls

1st Grade Clay Owls 

We loved creating clay owls using Crayola Model Magic! 

First, we made a ball out of clay and flattened it. 

Next, we pulled down the top to form the head and curled in the sides to create the wings.

 Finally, we added details such as a beak and claws. 

We let the clay dry for one week and then started the painting portion of the lesson.

We painted the owl using tempera paint and then created a place for him to live. 
We painted a piece of wood black and added a twig from nature. 

Lastly, we created a moon to show that the owl is nocturnal. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

PreK and K Pumpkins

Pre-K and Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch 

We created a beautiful fall collage.

The collage highlights many painting techniques such as painting with paper tubes, Q tips, and sponges! I love the movement and textures in each project! 

 First, we drew 3 pumpkins, painted them ,and cut them out.

Next, we added details such as stems, grass, and a leaf.

Finally, we created a moon to put in the sky. 

We're so proud of our work!

Monday, October 3, 2016

2nd Grade:Silhouettes

2nd Grade Silhouettes 

 We're very proud of our silhouettes! 

Art vocabulary words related to this lesson:
*horizon line
*warm colors

First. we drew an island and a horizon line on white paper. Now, it was easy to distinguish between the ocean and the sky. Next, we painted a beautiful sunset and ocean with watercolor paints. 

 Finally, we used a Sharpie to draw and color the silhouettes. Many students chose to draw palm trees and boats. Other students added dolphins.