Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn Art

Happy Halloween from the Art room! 

 These construction paper 3-D pumpkins are a great way to celebrate the fall season! 

Have a cool and safe Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1st Grade: Sunflowers in Progress

Painting Sunflowers
1st Grade 

Collaborative Art

Each child drew one sunflower and painted it with a dabbing technique to represent Vincent van Gogh's style of painting. They created visible brushstrokes and applied thick paint. 

 The sunflowers will then be cut out and glued to a large paper with a vase drawn on it. The vase will be filled with the sunflowers from one entire class.

  Collaborative art is a great way to promote class unity and a creative community.

The students were inspired by Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower paintings.

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Art in Progress:

The beautiful sunflowers are all unique.

Next week the sunflowers will be cut out and glued to large paper to fill the class vase.

Collaborative Art - Ms. Wikiera's class

Collaborative Art-Ms. Stratton's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Radcliff's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Rocco's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Shaw's class

Collaborative Art-Ms. Holland's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Sangataldo's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Chierchio's class

Monday, October 20, 2014

2nd Grade: Portraits in Progress

Portraits in Progress 

Each student drew a portrait and then Mr. Giannetto made 4 copies. Each portrait was then cut out and glued to black paper. The artist Andy Warhol was introduced as an art history connection and his artwork depicting repetition was highlighted.

Next week the portraits will be painted with watercolor paints. 

2nd Grade Pop Art Portraits

The students began to paint their portraits with watercolors.

The students enjoyed listening to a story about Andy Warhol.

We discussed how Pop Art comes from the word Popular.

We also pointed out the bright colors and repetition in Pop Art.

1st Grade: Color

Color Bugs 

1st Grade 

 First grade students love to mix colors! 

They can make the secondary colors. 

Red + Blue = Purple 

Red + Yellow = Orange 

Blue + Yellow = Green 

What are the primary colors?

What are the secondary colors?

 The students enjoyed being scientists by completing the food coloring experiment in art class. We also incorporated music into the art program by listening and singing along to color mixing songs. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1st Grade: Clay Owls

Crayola Model Magic Clay Owls
1st Grade 

- Clay Building 
-Painting Skills 
- Mixed Media 

 The clay owls are currently on display at Young School.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kindergarten Pumpkins

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch 

-Sponge Painting 
-Ripping Paper 
-Seasonal Art 

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