Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Art 2

Art and the Ocean 
Summer Enrichment
Grades 1-3 

Clown Fish Painting with Oil Pastel Ocean

Flip Flops on the Beach

Mosaic Fish

Hermit Crabs with Clay Shell

Lighthouse Collage

Seahorse Paintings

Crayola Model Magic Clay Octopus on Canvas

Pop Up Watercolor Fish

Wooden Dolphin at Sunset

Summer Art

Animals in Art 
Summer Enrichment 
Grades 1-3 

 Rhinos at Night
-Painting with markers
-Oil pastels on black paper

Monkeys in the Jungle
-Tempera paint with marker details
-3D vines
-canvas or wood

Crayola Model Magic Clay butterflies on wood

Giraffes in the African Savannah
-Black Sharpie markers
-Watercolor sunset

Crayola Model Magic clay penguins on wood with styrofoam ice

Roaring African Lions
-Animal print pattern
-Tempera paint with oil pastel details

Origami sea animals

Pop Up Dinosaur Collages

Elephants at the Circus Collages

Crayola Model Magic clay birds in paper bag nests