Thursday, April 23, 2015

2nd Grade: Under the Sea

2nd Grade

Clay Sea Creatures on Canvas Board

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First, the students used Crayola Model Magic clay to form a sea creature.

Next, they painted the water and glued down paper towels to represent the sand.


They painted their sea creature and made sure to make realistic color choices.

They enjoyed adding details such as coral, seaweed, and a starfish.

The finished mixed media artwork is FANTASTIC! 

It's great to see the diversity of sea-life!

Friday, April 17, 2015

1st Grade: Hermit Crab

A House For Hermit Crab 

Art & Literacy

First, we rolled the clay out to form a coil.

Next, we created a spiral shape to represent the hermit crab's shell.

Then, each student drew, traced, and colored their hermit crab. 

Each hermit crab is displayed on a piece of sandpaper to represent the beach. The students had fun adding shells and a starfish.