Thursday, October 8, 2015

2nd Grade: Clay Day!

Crayola Model Magic Clay 

Second grade students loved creating self-portraits out of clay. All the parts of the face were created by making a ball out of clay or making a coil out of clay. 

Each self-portrait is unique. 
The students enjoyed looking in the mirror to view their facial features and hairstyles. 

Mrs. Montesano's class and Ms. Hollfelder's class painted the skin on their clay self-portraits.
 Next week they'll paint the hair and use markers to fill in the eye and lip color. 

The self-portraits below are a sampling from Ms. Sadusky's class and Ms.Gablein's class.

Do you recognize your child?


  1. Hi Mr. Giannetto!
    I recently wrote a blogpost where I shared some awesome ideas for creating Self Portraits. I loved your clay idea so much that I shared a link to your original post. You can check it out here ( If you like it you are welcome to share it in your social media!
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