Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Art

Animals in Art 
Summer Enrichment 
Grades 1-3 

 Rhinos at Night
-Painting with markers
-Oil pastels on black paper

Monkeys in the Jungle
-Tempera paint with marker details
-3D vines
-canvas or wood

Crayola Model Magic Clay butterflies on wood

Giraffes in the African Savannah
-Black Sharpie markers
-Watercolor sunset

Crayola Model Magic clay penguins on wood with styrofoam ice

Roaring African Lions
-Animal print pattern
-Tempera paint with oil pastel details

Origami sea animals

Pop Up Dinosaur Collages

Elephants at the Circus Collages

Crayola Model Magic clay birds in paper bag nests

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