Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1st Grade: Sunflowers in Progress

Painting Sunflowers
1st Grade 

Collaborative Art

Each child drew one sunflower and painted it with a dabbing technique to represent Vincent van Gogh's style of painting. They created visible brushstrokes and applied thick paint. 

 The sunflowers will then be cut out and glued to a large paper with a vase drawn on it. The vase will be filled with the sunflowers from one entire class.

  Collaborative art is a great way to promote class unity and a creative community.

The students were inspired by Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower paintings.

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Art in Progress:

The beautiful sunflowers are all unique.

Next week the sunflowers will be cut out and glued to large paper to fill the class vase.

Collaborative Art - Ms. Wikiera's class

Collaborative Art-Ms. Stratton's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Radcliff's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Rocco's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Shaw's class

Collaborative Art-Ms. Holland's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Sangataldo's class

Collaborative Art- Ms. Chierchio's class

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  1. Love Ms. Wikiera's Class collaborative artwork! My daughter enjoyed working on this and was proud to show me her part. Thanks for the great blog!!