Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kindergarten Giraffes

Fantastic Giraffes!

Kindergarten students loved creating active giraffes. We integrated Music, Art, and Movement by singing and acting out a giraffe song. The Art Room's mascot, Mr. Giraffe, oversaw all of the fun.

 The students used yellow paper to draw a body and neck for the giraffe and cut out the pieces. They then glued the pieces on blue paper and added a background. The other giraffe parts were precut and glued on next.  Finally, they painted with a Q-Tip to create spots and glued felt and canvas pieces for the hair on the giraffe's neck. 

Each giraffe is unique.

Reading the book Giraffes Can't Dance is a great way to connect Art and Literacy to this lesson. 

Mosaic Fish and Giraffes decorate the halls at B. Bernice Young School.

Mr. Giraffe is happy to call the Art Room home. The students used this model to point out all of the giraffe's different body parts. In this photo he is visiting an Art Show at the PAC.

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