Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1st Grade Mixing Colors

1st Grade students are learning a lot about COLOR!

Art Vocabulary:
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
The Color Wheel

By combining Art, Music, and Science students are learning to make the secondary colors.  We began by completing a science experiment. Using food coloring the students loved mixing 2 primary colors to create a secondary color. They were great scientists! They also enjoyed listening to our Color CD and singing along to some of the songs. We completed a color mixing activity sheet together. 

For a follow-up lesson the students created a Color Bug. Each bug is a visual reminder of how to make a secondary color. The body of the bug is a secondary color and the wings are the 2 primary colors needed to create that color.

The students loved the food coloring experiment.

yellow + blue = green

yellow + red = orange

blue + red = purple

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