Thursday, November 17, 2016

K Leaf Birds

Kindergarten Fall Challenge: Turn a leaf into a bird! 

We had a great time connecting ART with NATURE! 

 First, we glued a feather and a beak to the leaf to create a bird. 

 Next, we glued various rectangles to create branches. 

Finally, we used a piece of cardboard as a stamp to create pine needles.
 We also used a Q-tip to paint bark on our branches. 

These are very playful and unique! 

Some birds are sitting peacefully on a branch while others are flying by. 


Terrific Turkeys!

Small Group PreK had a blast creating a fun Thanksgiving project.

 We were gluing a variety of precut shapes while also counting the number of feathers, legs, and leaves in the project.

I'm planning to have a couple Kindergarten classes complete the project this cycle as well. The K students will draw and cut out most of the shapes themselves. 

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Ms. Hyland's class was very busy cutting and gluing the fall tree project as well. 

These are two project examples: