Friday, May 13, 2016

2nd Grade Beach Art

A Day at the Beach
2nd Grade 

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We're ready for summertime! 
We mixed our own tints and shades to create a beautiful day at the beach! We  enjoyed designing our own flipflops and adding details such as an anchor and a starfish. 

How do you create a tint?

How do you create a shade?

 We loved painting the waves! First, we painted white waves. Next, we painted blue waves. Lastly, we mixed the two colors together to create a tint of blue.

We looked at many different types of anchors and found many hidden letters such as T, J, i, and U. This was very helpful when it came time to draw the anchor.

We used Q-tips to add details to the starfish.

Writing Connection: Write about your favorite day at the beach. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kindergarten Fish

Under the Sea 
Kindergarten Hand Fish 

First, we traced our hands 3 times and painted them with watercolor paint.

Next, we cut out the hands and formed our fish. We added waves and seaweed.

We used oil pastels to add scales to the fish and details to the seaweed. 

 We used a Q-tip to add details to the sand. 

We may be different, but at Young School we all swim together!

Art Challenge: What other sea animals can you create using hand prints? 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

K Butterflies

Happy Mother's Day! 

Kindergarten Clay Butterflies 

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 Kindergarten students surprised MOM with a butterfly made out of Crayola Model Magic Clay. 

We rolled a clay coil to create the body and made four balls to form the wings.