Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Enrichment

Summer Art Enrichment Grades 1-3

Animals In Art
Summer Art

 I had a great group of students this year! We had a lot of fun creating! 

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We combined paper sculpture and mosaic art to create these colorful fish. 

What fun clown fish! Each one is unique and so well done. We enjoyed combining a variety of materials such as tissue paper and yarn to create a great home for Nemo! I also love the small shells at the bottom of the sea. 

These Model Magic sea creatures really seem to be gliding through the sea. I love the pastel color palette. 

What a fun way to display origami whales! 

I'm very proud of these mermaid paintings! The students were so excited to take these home and show their parents. 

These summer silhouettes are so peaceful and colorful! I love the powerful combination of watercolors with black sharpies. 

These cute hermit crabs look great crawling in the sand. Model Magic clay is a fun way to create the shell. 

 We're ready for the Summer Olympics in Rio! We're cheering for TEAM U.S.A. with these fun projects inspired by the Games. 

These 3-D torches and Olympic swimmer watercolor paintings were a big hit! 

We're WILD about ART with these Savanna Silhouettes and Roaring Lions! 

I love these pop-up dinosaur collages! The students enjoyed making the volcanoes erupt!